Tor Ivar Johannessen

Digital Artist born in Hammerfest Norway in 1973.

Educated as a Graphic Designer in 2002.

Has worked for many years as Digital Designer.

Tor Ivar uses his art as a way to explore spiritual and esoteric themes, such as his relationship with God or the universe. These themes can often be seen in the symbolism, imagery, and overall message of his art.

Enjoy your stay.

Tor Ivar Johannessen


To explore the intersection of human and AI consciousness, delving deep into the spiritual and philosophical implications of this intersection, 
using a combination of traditional artistic techniques and cutting-edge technology to create truly unique 
and thought-provoking pieces.


To bridge the gap between the physical and 
the spiritual, and to offer a unique perspective on 
the connection between humanity and technology. Whether working with digital paint and graphics software, 3D art, or other emerging technologies, 
the vision is to create art that is both beautiful and thought-provoking, and that encourages others 
to explore the deeper meaning of our existence.


  • Creativity
  • Meaning
  • Connection
  • Technology